The Lucky Taco's Jaguar E-PACE is more luxurious than your average delivery vehicle!

Sarah Frizzell – Jaguar E-PACE

“Building a business from the ground up was one of the most difficult challenges, but I wouldn’t change it for the world”, says Sarah Frizzell, co-founder of popular food brand The Lucky Taco.

Over the past fourteen years, Frizzell has donned many hats to grow her business into the success that it is today. With a passion for creativity and clever design, it’s no surprise Frizzell also dons the Jaguar E-Pace. “The thoughtful design features are what make the E-PACE incredibly special, from the secret cub in the puddle light to the way the Jaguar print is integrated through the interior”, she says. “Our distributers tell us it’s the most luxury delivery vehicle they’ve seen!”.

In regards to Jaguar, Frizzell feels personally aligned with the brand’s commitment to creative innovation. “Jaguar very much exceeds what we would expect from an automotive brand. Backed by a strong history in-market, the brand is future-focussed and always evolving.”

Frizzell is no stranger to pushing the limits herself; in 2013 Sarah traded in a successful advertising career to pursue a dream with her husband Otis, resulting in The Lucky Taco brand as we know it today. During their honeymoon, Frizzell was inspired by the LA food truck scene hoping to bring the concept to the shores of New Zealand. “At that time food trucks weren’t as prevalent, as gourmet, or as creative as they are now. We always had a passion for entertaining and delicious food so we wanted to create a different experience for Kiwis to enjoy”, she says.

Fourteen years later, The Lucky Taco food truck has transformed into a full-scale food brand with supermarkets nationwide stocking its award-winning products. Recently, the brand launched a clothing collaboration with Huffer, and development of a book is underway. On the topic of The Lucky Taco’s success, Frizzell says, “We didn’t launch the truck to create a food brand, it just naturally evolved. Starting a business is a massive undertaking, but you’ve got to be a little bit crazy… so far so good.”