Jaguar sponsorship of Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose

Jaguar is proud to be a key sponsor for the Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose.

Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose was founded on the knowledge that across New Zealand, successful, diverse and status quo challenging women, had created businesses focused on more than just acquiring profit. EWWP focuses on building businesses underpinned by meaningful purpose, amplifying female entrepreneurs to the global stage and educating and empowering those women to harness future focused mindsets.

Catherine Van Der Meulen is the name behind the company. Catherine has an established background in the fashion industry and spent most of her career building her family business Supré, a leader in the youth fashion segment.

Jaguar has been beside Catherine to support and sponsor Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose in their first year since launching. Within their first year EWWP has already acquired a large community of female lead businesses. Jaguar are proud to be part of the framework in building Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose as they continue to educate and empower Kiwi women on their journey in becoming the best business owners.