Greg Murphy - customer testimonal

There's no better person to appreciate the performance and power of the F-PACE SVR than Greg Murphy

On the subject of driving performance, one would struggle to find a more qualified individual than four-time Bathurst 1000 winner Greg Murphy. Familiar with Jaguar’s prestige in motorsport, Murph switched to the F-PACE SVR to experience the brand for himself. “I was completely blown away. Jaguar has certainly evolved with the times developing world-class motor vehicles that integrate clever design and innovation.”

Having driven almost 450 races in the V8 Supercars Championship alone, Murph knows performance is central to the driving experience. On the F-PACE SVR, Murph believes he’s finally found an SUV that ticks all the boxes. “The F-PACE reimagines the agility and handling you would expect from an SUV with a driving experience more akin to a high performance sports car. Inside, the design is incredibly refined giving the vehicle a truly luxury feel. The exterior design at first glance is quite subtle yet a closer look offers just enough of a hint that there is something very exciting under its skin, and I love that.”

In recent years, Murph has dedicated his energy to supporting initiatives that improve road safety. Murph advocates for proactive interventions that prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. “We need to shift gear on how we address road safety and look at better driving behaviour and education rather than just the outcome of a crash”.

This year, Murph supported the New Zealand Police ‘Stay Alive on 5’ initiative aimed at reducing fatal accidents on a notorious stretch of State Highway 5. The campaign has successfully reduced incidents through an increase in police presence and positive reinforcement for good driving behaviours.

Supporting his proactive mindset, Murph has also helped develop the Street Smart programme which creates a hands-on, cognitive learning environment to make young drivers more prepared for New Zealand roads. “When you’re young, your brain operates very differently to when you’re 25 or older. Risk assessment is very low, which is why knowledge and understanding is crucial.” The programme provides young people with education beyond what exists in the learning system with tools to change the outcomes of hazardous driving situations.

Looking forward, Murph hopes to see the strategy behind Street Smart become part of the driving education system. “There’s an old-school way of thinking when it comes to tackling road safety so we need a modern thought process to determine a solution that works.”