"There's nothing more important in life than legacy, and Jaguar certainly has that."

Chandra Selvadurai – Jaguar F-TYPE, Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar 420

“There’s nothing more important in life than legacy, and Jaguar certainly has that”, says Chandra Selvadurai, Managing Director of Pharmaco New Zealand and Australia. A self-confessed ‘car nut’, Selvadurai owns three Jaguar vehicles: an F-PACE, F-TYPE, and a classic 420. With only 9000 ever in production, and most still in North America, Selvadurai’s 420 is particularly special to him. “It doesn’t have all the modern bells and whistles of course, but it drives beautifully. One day I’ll pass it on to my son”.

Selvadurai believes Jaguar’s rich history has paved the way for the innovation and refinement we see in today’s vehicles. “The F-PACE has remarkable technology behind it. For a large vehicle, it handles beautifully and has plenty of power with a driving experience akin to a performance car.” Selvadurai regularly embarks on road trips around the country and regards the comfort of the F-PACE as world-class from the entertainment system through to the spacious interior. He adds, “And then there’s the F-TYPE – what an incredible sports car!”

In Selvadurai’s professional life, legacy is a theme that motivates him every day. Having worked with Pharmaco for the past 27 years, Selvadurai is passionate about working for an organisation that makes a difference in the New Zealand and Australian healthcare systems.

In response to the COVID pandemic, Selvadurai led the development and deployment of an innovative brand to rethink the approach to sanitisation. “I started my career as a scientist so disinfection and sanitisation is a topic I am passionate about. After looking at what we were already using to tackle this we wondered if there was an alternative, effective technology, that could work without harming our hands, or the environment”.

The result was The EcoChemist that leveraged ‘green chemistry’ to produce a powerful, alcohol-free sanitiser. One and a half years later, The EcoChemist has a broad range of unique disinfection products including a ‘fogging’ sanitiser that cleans the air, without harsh chemicals.

Looking ahead Selvadurai hopes to see The EcoChemist adopted more readily into healthcare systems both domestically, and overseas. “The effects of this pandemic are going to be with us for a long time, so it’s exciting to unveil a product that can make a real difference to keeping our loved ones safe”.