What is a “grey import” vehicle and where do they come from?
Who can bring cars into the country and what experience is needed?
Are grey imports the same as the vehicles imported by Motorcorp Distributors Limited?
Has a grey import been registered and used prior to import into New Zealand?
What are the warranty implications of importing a Jaguar vehicle into New Zealand?
Can I reinstate the warranty on an imported vehicle originally sold/registered in another region?
How can I check the status of my warranty?
What is the charge for reactivating the Regional Warranty for a new region?
What are the service implications for imported vehicles?
What are the Roadside Assistance implications?
What about recall and service campaigns?
Will overseas satellite navigation systems work here?
Can the mileage/KM reading of grey import vehicles be relied upon?
As a consumer am I protected under the Consumer Guarantees Act?
Will grey import vehicles hold their value in the marketplace?
What are the benefits of buying NZ new?